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It's Kick Off Time for DCO eBooks

We are adding new books and magazines on a daily basis. Below we highlight just two of them.

Pattaya by Night was the original Pattaya nightlife magazine covering the girls and the go-go clubs of this city. Here is a link to the digital download version of the last issue, number 5. Click on the picture to see its details.

Pattaya by Night

Another writer Pattaya based, Duncan Stearn, has, on this website, the eBook version of Bernborough, the definitive book on this famous Australian racehorse.


And look out for the Pattaya Trader and its supplement nightlife section After Hours in our magazine section.


DCO eBooks

After many years of selling printed books on the internet from Thailand our major customer complaint has always been the very expensive postal costs to destinations outside Thailand. We are closing on a future where that may no longer be a problem. As more people begin to use eBook readers either on dedicated units or on pad style computers, high postage charges could soon become a choice rather than a necessity. Here at DCO we hope to increase this initial range of eBooks on Thailand and Southeast Asia to supply the needs of our readers.