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eBooks about or set in Burma


An Australian in China An Australian in China

An Australian in China - by George Ernest Morrison - Being the Narrative of a Quiet Journey Across China to Burma

Jim Tully Jim Tully

Jim Tully is a misfit who belongs to an earlier era. The causes he believes in, like the world he wants to live in, are already doomed. The narrator first meets him during a student riot in Paris and finds him again more than twenty years later in Thailand.

Naypyidaw: The New Capital of Burma Naypyidaw: The New Capital of Burma

Naypyidaw: The New Capital of Burma by Dulyapak Preecharushh examines the possible factors involved in the current relocation of the capital in order to enrich and enhance understanding about contemporary Burma/Myanmar in various aspects - including History, Geography, Political Science, Military Science, Economics, Sociology and Urban Architecture. This pioneering work makes the argument that moving the capital from Yangon to Naypyidaw is a profound and multi-faceted strategy which will increase the power of the current military regime to exercise strong and effective control over Burma in the future. Moreover, it provides useful information concerning geographical configuration and urban characteristics inside the new capital; and lastly, this book will greatly contribute to creating an academic knowledge about geopolitical transformations in Southeast Asian urban networks in the twenty-first century. Fully illustrated with maps and colour photographs.

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