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DCO eBooks Website FAQ

Which payment options does DCO eBooks accept on this site?

  • At the present time we are using PayPal for simplicity in programing the website. PayPal does allow the use of most common credit and debit cards as well as PayPal accounts.

What is the 'out of copyright' period on this website?

  • Thailand, as with Australia, considers most books 'out of copyright' 50 years after the author's death. Many European countries and the USA use 70 years after the author's death. When we are listing an eBook using the 50 year period we will warn you that it is so. To find out what your country's rules are you can look at Wikipedia's list here.

Why does DCO eBooks charge for 'free' books?

  • We put on a 95 cent charge for free and out of copyright publications for three reasons. First, it discourages the 'bots', the automatic scripts which will just download anything free. Second, it helps to cover the bandwidth usage costs of the website. Lastly it helps pay for some of the formatting we do in producing the out of copyright publications. We can spend more than a day producing an eBook from a text file.

Which eBook reader would we suggest for desktop or laptop computers?

  • If you do not have a good reader already we would suggest downloading the open source Calibre software which you can find here. This is much more than just a reader as it will also manage your eBook collection.

What formats does DCO eBooks support?

  • For most of our books we try to provide the eBook in three formats. EPUB is suitable for most ebook readers. For the Amazon Kindle we include a MOBI format file and for legacy PCs we have PDF format files. For many books we supply these three formats inside a ZIP file. For some books and magazines we only provide PDF files. For magazine size pages this seems the most suitable one at the present time. Please look in the book descriptions for what formats a particular book is supplied in.