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Novels and other Fiction eBooks from Thailand and SE Asia


The Siamese Connection The Siamese Connection

The Siamese Connection, The Vampire of Siam IV by Jim Newport

The fourth book in the popular Vampire of Siam series. The story begins in Bangkok 1948, shortly after the end of WWII and the Japanese occupation of Siam. The vampire, Ramonne Delacroix becomes involved in a quest for a mysterious artifact, - The Oracle - hidden during the war by the Japanese. He joins forces with the famous American Expat Jim Thompson, (before he was the Silk King he was an OSS agent) and together they do battle with the nefarious Japanese Black Dragons.

Zipper Up Zipper Down Zipper Up Zipper Down

In this story a young man invents a new instrument and becomes a world renowned superstar. Later in life he discovers that he desires same-sex relations. In his attempt to satisfy those desires his life takes on a complete new series of adventures.

Falcon at the Court of Siam Falcon at the Court of Siam

A True Account of One of the Most Thrilling Periods in Thai History

Set toward the end of the seventeenth century, Falcon at the Court of Siam recounts the true story of Constantine Phaulkon, a Greek of low birth who spectacularly rose to fame, and infamy, as King Narai's favourite courtier - in effect, if not in name, First Minister of Siam. No other foreigner, before or since, has ever held such a position of power and influence in Siam.

Behind the Folding Fan Behind the Folding Fan

This is a story of self-discovery and self-actualization. The main character, despite having realized the American Dream, is ill-at-ease in his cosmopolitan milieu. Sensing that something important is missing in his life, he hankers to relive experiences he once had in Asia. He naïvely seeks to renew, if not reinvent himself in Old Japan, which he considers his spiritual home.

Tinsel Town Tinsel Town

Tinsel Town: Another Rotten Day in Paradise by Jim Newport. Art student Joey Morton arrives in Hollywood in 1968 and stumbles onto a sound stage. It was everything a young New Yorker could possibly hope to find - sex, drugs, gorgeous women, backstage passes, access to movie stars, rock ‘n’ roll … and more sex and drugs.

The Alligator and the Sun The Alligator and the Sun

The Alligator and the Sun by Peter Halder. Nine captivating tales, which weave a tapestry of the unbelievable and fascinating ancient rainforest lore of the Amerindians of Guyana on South America's Caribbean coast.

The Monkey Wife The Monkey Wife

The Monkey Wife: Four Bizarre Tales of the Rainforest. Following on from Peter Halder's first collection in The Aligator and the Sun, these four incredible tales add more color to and further illuminate the tapestry of ancient rainforest myths, from Guyana on South America's Caribbean coast.

Tigers Birthday Party Tigers Birthday Party

Tiger's Birthday Party by Peter Halder.  A menagerie of seven amusing and entertaining animal tales each of which contains a moral. It's a reading feast for children of all ages.

The Dance of Death The Dance of Death

Chilling Supernatural Tales of Guyana by Peter Halder. A crypt of seven chilling, spell binding and spine tingling supernatural tales that portray the folklore of Guyana.

A View from the Bench A View from the Bench

A View from the Bench by Philip Small

This is a fascinating tale about a young boy mercilessly whipped by his teacher then later ordered to stand on the bench for the rest of the school term. No longer involved in school work although important exams are close, he gazes through the window and daydreams about a an American P40 shooting down a Messerschmitt 109, and reflects on his earlier middle class life, and later his impoverished existence after his mother dies. Set in the war years, it portrays an intriguing window on how destitute persons survived in third world countries, their street games, home-made toys, and basic fare.

Hero the Warrior Hero the Warrior

Hero the Warrior: Defender of the Forces of Good by Peter Halder

A quartet of fantastic, exciting and action packed Fairy Tale adventures which extol the conquest of good over evil.

The Princess of the Forest The Princess of the Forest

The Princess of the Forest by Peter Halder

Two stunning Fairy Tales that will evoke feelings of sadness and then joy over the fate of two beautiful young girls.

The Dead Don’t Die The Dead Don’t Die

The Dead Don’t Die: Macabre Supernatural Tales of Guyana by Peter Halder

Blood-curdling, mind boggling and hair-raising supernatural tales embroidered with murder and mayhem.

It is the People It is the People

It is the People: of Thailand and other countries by Pira Sudham

An anthology of Pira Sudham’s short stories previously published in Tales of Thailand and People of Esarn. Pira Sudham writes in English stories reflecting life in the Northeast of Thailand where he was raised. The stories show the harshness of peasant life in last few decades of the Twentieth Century including land loss and the affect of the sex trade.

Alabama Days Alabama Days

Alabama Days by James Eckardt

A few weeks after the 1965 Selma March, four teenage Catholic seminarians from Long Island arrive in Birmingham, Alabama, to work for Father Edmund Fraser in a door-to-door voter registration campaign. Nights, they return to the same black neighborhoods to play guitars and lead crowds in singing freedom songs. While their celibacy is tested by seductive black girls, they party nightly with the priest’s free beer and cigarettes.

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