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Hero the Warrior

Hero the Warrior

Hero the Warrior: Defender of the Forces of Good by Peter Halder

A quartet of fantastic, exciting and action packed Fairy Tale adventures which extol the conquest of good over evil. Fairy Gloriana engages the services of a mighty hunter Hero of Creion to rescue a Royal child from a Wicked Witch, Aglaia. In the second thrilling adventure, a Prince falls in love with a gold statue, The Golden Princess, and engages Hero The Warrior to seek out and obtain the means to make it human. In his third adventure, Hero is sent on a mission to find and return The Cross of Enna and destroy the Evil Wizard who stole it. In the final adventure, Hero The Warrior, Defender of the Forces of Good, confronts and battles LIGOR, half lion and half gorilla, the creation of an Evil Sorcerer.

Note: We provide a zip file containing this eBook in two formats, covering almost all the major eBook reading hardware and software, including Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iPad. It has an EPUB version for most tablet and pad computers and a MOBI version for Amazon Kindle readers.

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