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White Lotus / Black Son

White Lotus / Black Son

White Lotus / Black Son by Ricardo Guanot

A Thai journey into a sexual heart of darkness.

A disturbing mystery novel of a family's disintegration, corrupted by its incestuous past. This is not a novel that will let you sleep easily.As Alec, the youngest brother, sets out on a quest to Thailand looking for his elder siblings, what he thought was a straightforward family business becomes one that includes drugs, people trafficking, prostitution and the smuggling of Burmese rubies. Can he survive the perverse world he finds himself in?

Why doesn't Alec's older brother Janus want him in Thailand? Where is his sister Cristobel? Why is the beautiful Ratree not all that she seems? Why are corrupt Thai policemen so interested in the family business? The more he looks the more evil Alec finds... and so much of it is in his own family.

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