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Dragon's Fin Soup

Dragon's Fin Soup

Dragon's Fin Soup: And Other Modern Siamese Fables by World Fantasy Award Winner S.P. Somtow.

Dragon's Fin Soup in the tradition of the Marx Brothers.
Eight Rowdy Tales where East and West don't meet - they collide.
Eight Frightening Ruminations where nothing is as it seems, and even the unreal is an illusion.
Eight Delectable Servings that could only have sprung from the fevered mind of S.P.Somtow: the most unique writer of this, or any other, millennium.

"One of the most gifted masters of colour and spectacle" Theodore Sturgeon.

"The J. D. Salinger of Siam." George Axelrod.

The eight  stories:

Dragon’s Fin Soup
Lottery Night
The Steel American
Chui Chai
The Bird Catcher
Diamonds Aren’t Forever
Fiddling for Water Buffaloes
The Last Time I Died in Venice

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