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The Bangkok Writers

The Bangkok Writers

The Bangkok Writers: Tales from the other City of Angels

There is another City of Angels apart from Los Angeles. It is Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Its Thai name, Krung Thep, means City of Angels. For many visitors Bangkok lives up to its name far better than LA.

It is with great pleasure that I can introduce some of the best English language writers based in Bangkok over the last thirty years. Many of you will know of them already from their columns and articles in Bangkok’s English language press, the Bangkok Post, The Nation, the long gone Bangkok World and the many English language magazines that come and go.

Roger Crutchley was for many years the sports editor at the Post. On top of that he has had, and still has, a humourous Sunday column called PostScript. Over the years two collections of these columns were published. We have one available now as an ebook and another coming soon.

Staying with humourous columnists we have as ebooks the previously published books by Roger Beaumont and S. Tsow.
But the collection is more than this. In here you will find stories from S.P. Somtow who writes when he isn’t conducting orchestras and writing operas. You will come across Jim Newport, the leading expert on the vampires who live in this fascinating city. He has written a story of the Vampire of Siam exclusively for this anthology.

Excerpts from the published novels of Colin Cotterill and James Eckardt are included along with a story from William Page’s collection, The Nirvana Experiments. Not to be missed is a chapter on Thai proverbs from Mont Redmond’s recently republished in both print and as an ebook, Wondering into Thai Culture or Thai Whys and Otherwise.

You will find in this book both humour and pathos, so please sit back and enjoy.

All of the authors now have their ebooks available on the leading retail sites. Check at the end of the book for the titles and details.

The authors -
William Page, Roger Crutchley, Jim Newport, James Eckardt, S.P.Somtow, Colin Cotterill, S.Tsow, Mont Redmond, and Roger Beaumont

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