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Chasing Jimi

Chasing Jimi

Chasing Jimi by Jim Newport

Chasing Jimi is a rock ‘n’ roll period piece. It spans one year - the summer of 1966 to the summer of 1967. From New York’s Greenwich Village to swinging London to the stage of the Monterey Pop Festival. It follows the ascension of one Jimmy James, a struggling back-up guitar player, to the exalted throne of rock-god superstardom.

On the road through merry-old England with the re-named Jimi Hendrix we meet the madcap royalty of the British pop scene. Jimi forms an endearing friendship with Rolling Stones founding member Brian Jones, whose battles with numerous personal demons and plunge from the top mirror Jimi’s rise and fascination with the drug culture.

As the Jimi Hendrix Experience gains recognition, Jimi’s past associations throw their own stumbling blocks in his path. Contracts signed by him as a hungry studio session musician surface. Jimi’s management team are able to put out most of these fires, but one particularly sleazy New York record producer refuses to be bought out, and even goes so far as to send a couple of Brooklyn wiseguys to London to bring back his artist.

Chasing Jimi is “The Sopranos” meets The Beatles. The author’s intense admiration for Jimi Hendrix, his own magical experiences as a hippy in the great Summer of Love and a stint as a touring rock ‘n’ roll photographer in the 70s served as inspiration for Chasing Jimi.

Knowing the scrutiny he would be under for daring to write a fictional piece about Jimi, the author strived to be as accurate as possible in the timeframe of events. Liberties were taken, but they were taken in order to craft what hopefully is an amusing and entertaining tale that transports the reader back to a better time.

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