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Running with the Sharks

Running with the Sharks

Running with the Sharks by James Eckardt

Running with the Sharks is a novel of stark human conflict set in the lawless isolation of an uninhabited island off Thailand’s Andaman coast.

Tony DeLupo, alias “Loopy da Loop”, is a man with a past. On an around-the-world orgy of spearfishing — “I enjoy killing things. And then eating them.” — he retreats to the coral world of Koh Adang in the Andaman Sea, but, instead of finding the solitude he seeks, meets up with a group of marine biologists from Hat Yai’s Prince of Songkhla University. Thai, British and American, the group includes Anna Briggs who is attracted to Tony and Terry Weeks who is jealous.

Montri Xuto, alias “Hassan bin Khalid”, is also a man with a past, a heroin smuggler who is trying to disappear from Phuket and retire gracefully to Australia. He washes up on Koh Adang with two ex-pirates, two Burmese crewmen, a .38, an M-16 and two ruckascks of Double Uoglobe #4 heroin.

The clash between the two groups leads to swift violence, devious power plays, painful moral choices, shifting allegiances — and the Adang Island Massacre.

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