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Humour from Thailand - some of the funniest books from Thailand.


A Fool in Paradise A Fool in Paradise

Following hot the heels of his best seller, Money Number One, Neil Hutchison continues his in-depth investigation into the tourist playground of Pattaya.

Pattaya - Patpong on Steroids Pattaya - Patpong on Steroids

Inside the real Pattaya. This is NOT another novel about the bar scene. This is the REAL thing.

Kicking Dogs Kicking Dogs

Kicking Dogs by Collin Piprell, surviving Bangkok's boom - Thai style.  A comic thriller set in boom-time Bangkok. A fast and funny novel from the author of Bangkok Knights and Yawn (A Thriller).

Tarts, Touts and Temples Tarts, Touts and Temples

In Tarts, Touts and Temples, author Duncan Stearn recounts a series of trips and adventures to which many who have been to Southeast Asia can relate. All are true, even if some sound fanciful or a bit too true to be believed.

Or as the author says "...I've never been anywhere in southeast Asia since then I didn't like. While some places haven't filled me with a great desire to come back quickly, none have been put on the 'don't go there again' list."

Bizarre Pattaya Volume 1 Bizarre Pattaya Volume 1

Cartoonist Rae's take on love and life in Pattaya.

Our Man in Pattaya Our Man in Pattaya

Our Man in Pattaya by Duncan Stearn, the author of Pattaya, Patpong on Steroids.

Come for a walk on the wacky side as Pattaya and its locals and foreigners come together in a collection of the best of the popular Our Man in Pattaya monthly columns from the pages of the Pattaya Trader (also published by the Phuket Gazette newspaper under the title Streets of Pattaya).

Our Man in Pattaya Volume 2 Our Man in Pattaya Volume 2

Our Man in Pattaya is regular column in the Pattaya Trader written by Australian journalist Duncan Stearn. Here is the second collection for your enjoyment.

How to Survive Pattaya and its Nightlife How to Survive Pattaya and its Nightlife

How to Survive Pattaya and its Nightlife is advice to do just what the title says from the leading Pattaya nightlife writer, Australian journalist Duncan Stearn.

The Fool is Back The Fool is Back

By the author of the Pattaya best seller Money Number One and the updated Money Still Number One, this the sequel to A Fool in Paradise, adding a further 32 stories to the colourful tapestry that is Pattaya, Thailand. In the opinion of many people including the author, Pattaya is the most wonderful place on the planet. As with A fool in Paradise, the stories are all true or based on true events.

A Fool's Diary A Fool's Diary

A hilarious romp through a year of expat living in Pattaya, Thailand.

Imagine leaving the comfort zone of your home, family and friends to venture into the unknown. Imagine discovering an alien paradise only to realize that here, you are the alien who has to try to fit into your new environment. Imagine stumbling through a year of discovery among a tapestry of blunders and imagine that, all the while, you don't have a clue what you are doing.

That takes a lot of imagination!

... but not for The Fool.

What’s Your Name I’m Fine Thank You What’s Your Name I’m Fine Thank You

What’s Your Name I’m Fine Thank You by Roger Beaumont

I found the entrance by mistake. That could well have been the intention because, although the arrangement seemed secure, the address was decidedly vague - hidden, as it was, amid a dark labyrinth of back sois that gurgled with mischief and neon glitz. Nevertheless, I was greeted by a smiling dwarf with a metal leg. Venue? Bangkok snooker club. Time? About 9.30 p.m.. Temperature? Rising. Corruption? About 80%.

PostScript: Forgotten But Not Gone PostScript: Forgotten But Not Gone

PostScript: Forgotten But Not Gone by Roger Crutchley

After his last book, PostScript, many thought Crutch would do the decent thing and consent to being put out to pasture without little more than a whimper. But you can't keep an old dog down and he kept on and on and on with his Sunday column in the Outlook section of the Bangkok Post. Well, it does good paper bag material after all.

Thai Lite Thai Lite

Thai Lite by S.Tsow

The selected scribblings of S. Tsow - linguist, theologian, philosopher and sage-in-residence of the City of Angels - writes authoritatively and eloquently on the burning issues of our time: the scourge of cellphones, the escalating price of noodles, the inanity of political correctness, and the bad gramer and speling ov the yooth ov tooday... not to mention beer drinking, bad medicine, backpacking in the old days and the boisterous bedlam of Bangkok.

The Fool's Best Joke Book Volume 1 The Fool's Best Joke Book Volume 1

The Fool's Best Joke Book Volume 1 by Neil Hutchison

Welcome to the world of humour. What makes human beings laugh can be broadly defined under three headings: someone else's misfortune, someone else's misunderstanding or someone else's stupidity. The keywords here are "someone else's" because, let's face it, most silly things are much funnier when they happen to someone else.

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