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Pattaya - Patpong on Steroids

Pattaya - Patpong on Steroids

Inside the real Pattaya!

This is NOT another novel about the bar scene. This is the REAL thing.

Read About:
The dancer who beat the pride of the US Marine Corps in a beer drinking competition...
The rigged blackjack scam...
The trials and tribulations of running an A-Go-Go bar...
How 60 Minutes Australia concocted a smoke and mirrors exposé about Pattaya...
TRUE stories of Sex, Alcohol and Expat life in Thailand's hedonistic seaside resort...
Duncan Stearn gets to the bottom of it all!

"The Golden Bookmark Award for the Best Book of Local Interest in 2002." The Clinic Bar, Soi Yamato

"...Duncan shoots from the hip and he is more than a confident shooter. His stories demonstrate his knowledge of the ways of Pattaya and Thailand. Each account into the lives of the bargirls offers depth beyond the tale... Each chapter jogs your memory like a friendly tour guide." Scott Miller, Pattaya Trader

"Duncan Stearn describes his time as a go-go bar business partner in Pattaya. Very autobiographical with many amusing and serious tales from a none too successful venture. The ... insight into the bar trade is excellent ammunition for the game of life in Pattaya. The book then widens out to take in gambling scams and media manipulation of Pattaya's unique image ... we pick up many fascinating lessons about Thailand..." www.thaianxiety.com

"The book races along from one encounter to another, while building a common thread throughout. It gives an insight into the rich tapestry of characters that somehow find their way to Pattaya ... I recognised situations, characters (both Thai and farang), and even the places ... it is a great read." Murray Scaddan, Thai News

Note: We provide a zip file containing this eBook in 3 formats, covering almost all the major eBook reading hardware and software, including Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iPad. It has an EPUB version for most tablet and pad computers, a MOBI version for Amazon Kindle readers and a PDF file for desktop and laptop computers.

If you would prefer the book in its printed edition you can find it by clicking here - Pattaya - Patpong on Steroids.

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