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Living in Thailand

Living in Thailand

Books showing both how to and books on the experiences of living in Thailand.


Wondering into Thai Culture Wondering into Thai Culture

New 2012 edition of Wondering into Thai Culture, Thai Whys and Otherwise by Mont Redmond

How to Survive Pattaya and its Nightlife How to Survive Pattaya and its Nightlife

How to Survive Pattaya and its Nightlife is advice to do just what the title says from the leading Pattaya nightlife writer, Australian journalist Duncan Stearn.

Chronicles of Nightmarch Chronicles of Nightmarch

This compilation of the columns of Nightmarch covers its beginnings in the Pattaya Mail newspaper in June 2000 and goes all the way through to its conclusion in the Pattaya One newspaper in September 2011.

Almost unwittingly it provides an interesting social history of the growth of the nightlife scene in Pattaya in the first decade of the twenty-first century. This volume also includes items that were cut out of the published versions because they were deemed to strong for the censors. They reappear here because in most cases the items were nowhere near as controversial as the editors thought at the time.

The Fool is Back The Fool is Back

By the author of the Pattaya best seller Money Number One and the updated Money Still Number One, this the sequel to A Fool in Paradise, adding a further 32 stories to the colourful tapestry that is Pattaya, Thailand. In the opinion of many people including the author, Pattaya is the most wonderful place on the planet. As with A fool in Paradise, the stories are all true or based on true events.

PostScript: Forgotten But Not Gone PostScript: Forgotten But Not Gone

PostScript: Forgotten But Not Gone by Roger Crutchley

After his last book, PostScript, many thought Crutch would do the decent thing and consent to being put out to pasture without little more than a whimper. But you can't keep an old dog down and he kept on and on and on with his Sunday column in the Outlook section of the Bangkok Post. Well, it does good paper bag material after all.

The Bangkok Writers The Bangkok Writers

The Bangkok Writers: Tales from the other City of Angels

There is another City of Angels apart from Los Angeles. It is Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Its Thai name, Krung Thep, means City of Angels. For many visitors Bangkok lives up to its name far better than LA. It is with great pleasure that I can introduce some of the best English language writers based in Bangkok over the last thirty years.

Thai Lite Thai Lite

Thai Lite by S.Tsow

The selected scribblings of S. Tsow - linguist, theologian, philosopher and sage-in-residence of the City of Angels - writes authoritatively and eloquently on the burning issues of our time: the scourge of cellphones, the escalating price of noodles, the inanity of political correctness, and the bad gramer and speling ov the yooth ov tooday... not to mention beer drinking, bad medicine, backpacking in the old days and the boisterous bedlam of Bangkok.

Opus 50 Opus 50

Opus 50 by S.P. Somtow

S.P.Somtow has assembled a collection of essays, poems, and fiction - and tells all about his first published poem from 1967, which earned a lengthy shelf life when it was used as the epigraph for a best-selling autobiography by Shirley MacLaine - to his first professional fiction sale in 1977 - to stories that won major awards like the World Fantasy Award. Here, also, are some of his acerbic commentaries from Thai and US magazines, which rarely shied away from controversial subjects.

An Extraordinary Life An Extraordinary Life

A betting man visiting Cardiff in Wales and meeting a baby Brian Twinney in 1936 would have given very long odds on him making it into his teens, let alone being 78 years old and living with his family in the north of Thailand. For this is a survival story, just as much as tales of shipwrecks or walks across Antarctica.

Walking Through Bangkoks European Heritage Walking Through Bangkoks European Heritage

Walking Through Bangkok's European Heritage: A DIY Guide by Duncan Stearn

Bangkok is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Famous for its food, shopping, and nightlife. It also has a rich European-influenced history, with some relics still remaining in the architecture of a variety of well-known tourist attractions, as well as a few that are off the beaten track.

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