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Nate’s Thai Education by C.J. Fawcett

Nate’s Thai Education by C.J. Fawcett

A Young man's Journey into Adulthood.

Nathan Foster was a coward. Kicked out of Marine boot camp and afraid to face his high-ranking Marine father, he stole his father’s frequent flyer miles to run away to Thailand until he could figure out what to do with his wreck of a life. Socially inept, Nathan quickly gravitated to the bars where, for once in his life, women seemed to like him. And at 19 years old, he liked them right back. Quickly settling into a routine with other expats, he was able to forget about his failures back at home. Despite his success with bargirls, though, he formed a crush on Nok, a receptionist at his hotel. And when she invited him to her hometown for a visit , he accepted.

Village life was a far cry from Bangkok’s excitement, but he tried to fit in and get to know Nok better. And in doing so, he began to get a different view of Thailand, from Buddhism to farming to family life. However, when another village girl returned with her Russian boyfriend, things got tense, and Nathan the coward, Nathan the failure make his return. Would he simply run away again, or could he actually take a stand for the first time in his life, actually become a man?

Boom Boom Baby by Bob Andrews
Book from
Bangkok Books
Bangkok Books has a fine selection of eBooks on Thailand and the region in multiple formats.

Boom Boom Baby by Bob Andrews

Being the story of Brian, his Thai girlfriend Boom and their adventures in Thailand and England, told mostly through an exchange of letters between Brian's doting mother and his loving aunt.

Any resemblance to people living or dead is not at all coincidental.

"Boom Boom Baby" is a familiar story (middle-aged Englishman meets Pattaya bar girl, but told in an unusual fashion, almost exclusively through an exchange of letters between two elderly ladies. And the moral of the tale emerges just as Christmas approaches.

"Boom Boom Baby is one of the funniest and most incisive books you will read on East-West relationshi...I have re-read this book three times, and each reading of it provides even more laughs than before" - Lang Reid, Pattaya Mail

Winds of Fate by Robert DeBurgh
Book from
Smashwords is the premier resource for indie writers has many eBooks on Thailand and SE Asia in most eBook formats.

Winds of Fate by Robert DeBurgh

Winds of Fate is a dramatic story of wartime action, romance and adventure in the skies over China, Burma and India during WWII. It also takes the reader into the world of the civilian women pilots of the WAFS and the WASPs. It is a tale of danger, tragedy and love amid the furor of war.