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The Black Gentlemen of Trong Suan

The Black Gentlemen of Trong Suan

The Black Gentlemen Of Trong Suan by John McMahon

A diary changes hands at a dog fight in Burma enticing a young man to the south of Thailand to mimic the life of the diarist who retired to Trong Suan in the romance novel fashion with his young fianc?e only to be beaten, robbed, debased and sent off like a leprous pervert. The young man who comes into possession of the diary having talent, strength, money and charisma comes to the town and disrupts the delicate balance between the ex-patriots and local population causing in the end an orgy of violence and death among over flowing drink, greed-mad looting and charred dog skewers at his own wedding party.

The Black Gentlemen Of Trong Suan is a realistic look at the problems inherent in multi-cultural relationships that form on the basis of economics presented in a fantastic style. It is a look at Thai culture from the other side of the smile. It pets and strokes you through lush jungles and quieted azure waters and then kicks and gauges with cutting speeches and the harshly rendered truths of life where it's 'just another day in paradise.'

Note: We provide a zip file containing this eBook in 3 formats, covering almost all the major eBook reading hardware and software, including Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iPad. It has an EPUB version for most tablet and pad computers, a MOBI version for Amazon Kindle readers and a PDF file for desktop and laptop computers.

If you would prefer the book in its printed edition you can find it by clicking here - The Black Gentlemen of Trong Suan.

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