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Our Man in Pattaya Volume 2

Our Man in Pattaya Volume 2

Our Man in Pattaya is regular column in the Pattaya Trader written by Australian journalist Duncan Stearn. Here is the second collection for your enjoyment.

What Las Vegas is to the United States and gambling, so Pattaya is to Thailand and a bawdy nightlife. This second volume of short pieces continues the irreverence of the first with a laughing look at one of the world’s most unique cities. From the jet-ski scam artists and real estate spivs to the unique Feng Shui of the city and its somewhat hidden literary gems, there is a grain of truth in every piece, even if it seems totally impossible and implausible to anyone who has never been near Pattaya.

Note: We provide a zip file containing this eBook in 3 formats, covering almost all the major eBook reading hardware and software, including Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iPad. It has an EPUB version for most tablet and pad computers, a MOBI version for Amazon Kindle readers and a PDF file for desktop and laptop computers.

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