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Trafalgar & Josh

Trafalgar & Josh

It is spring in Sydney. Dr Trafalgar Trayson, a celebrated psychiatrist working overseas returns to Australia. After twenty years of marriage and three children, he sacrifices his career, marriage, and family by falling in love with Josh, a young Maltese man separated from his parents. It is a story of turmoil and love and heart-wrenching consequences: a love that has a devastating end.

Trafalgar and Josh is an eagerly-awaited ¬first novel from Terence Teasdale, who juggles a complicated intense tempestuous story of a co-dependent love-at-first-sight relationship between a successful psychiatrist, Dr Trayson, and Josh, a beautiful but damaged young man, and the psychiatrist's brittle on-going affiliation with an estranged bitter wife and his ambivalent adult children, and the fighting acceptance of a collapsed career.

PETER RODGERS:  A pacy, moving tale of self-discovery...and heartbreak.  Trafalgar Trayson confronts those forces which are all too human and which change his life forever.

OUT MAGAZINE:  Terence Teasdale has performed a wondrous feat with Trafalgar & Josh.  His first novel vibrates with truth and authenticity that is compelling.  Don't wait for the holiday to read it.

THE NATION:  Trafalgar & Josh ...has nice dramatic surges, and basks in the glow of good writing.  There are frequent flares of very good writing as well.   In this gay novel...Teasdale offers a high brow story about troubled romance that straights can enjoy too.  Josh, ...mentally unhinged and a heavy drinker...swings from cute to wrecking-ball crazy with frightening speed and frequency...that gives the novel...the irresistible allure of watching a train wreck.

THE BANGKOK POST:  Trafalgar & Josh, the first novel by Terence Teasdale...is mired in misery with a Maltese gigolo...Josh.  The novel's protagonist is psychiatrist Trafalgar (who) falls in lust with...(Josh), a male prostitute...barely out of his teens.  Josh is destructive (and) troublesome (and) the doctor...can't bring himself to end the affair.   There are indications that the relationship will end badly, sadly, or both.  Teasdale's ... messages will produce mixed reactions in readers.  But it is unlikely that (they) will have no reaction at all.

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