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Chronicles of Nightmarch

Chronicles of Nightmarch

Chronicles of Nightmarch by Duncan Stearn

This compilation of the columns of Nightmarch covers its beginnings in the Pattaya Mail newspaper in June 2000 and goes all the way through to its conclusion in the Pattaya One newspaper in September 2011.

Almost unwittingly it provides an interesting social history of the growth of the nightlife scene in Pattaya in the first decade of the twenty-first century. This volume also includes items that were cut out of the published versions because they were deemed to strong for the censors. They reappear here because in most cases the items were nowhere near as controversial as the editors thought at the time.

Compilations of newspaper columns very often fail to have the impact on those readers who recall reading the pieces in the original. This is simply because the material for a newspaper column is rarely written with posterity or the future in mind. Its impact is meant to be felt in the present.

Even so, there will be many who have lived in Pattaya or been regular visitors to the city over the time frame of the Nightmarch column who will no doubt have their memories jogged of the times they spent trawling the bars. For others, who might not have ever been to Pattaya, the pieces will provide an essential introduction to the jigsaw that makes up its unique nightlife.

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