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Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver

Olin Powers, world traveler, political savant, and author of Dream Weaver, makes a stunning debut onto the literary scene. With uncanny sensibility, Thailand's sex trade is placed under an astonishingly focused spotlight as never done before. Guileless wanderers to sagacious barons of industry unwillingly crumble before the beguiling charms of Asia's unrivaled enchantresses. With tragedy and ruin lurking in the shadows of these fettered souls, the author spins a sensitive tale that captures the daily drama of a subculture that has never been so touchingly humanized. The reader is served a sensuous feast to be savored in a no-holds barred portrait of unbridled passion and shattered illusions as only this riveting account achieves.

Franks Evans, New York City orphan, US Marine, CIA Operative, Bangkok drunk, and philanderer, finds himself at a crossroad of life and death.

Johnny Gould, disheartened California dreamer, hard on with a heart, and hopeless romantic, is hurled into a steaming, soul-searching, adventure of a lifetime.

Harry Doughty, happy-go-lucky incorrigible rascal, chases the elusive American Dream, only to find himself spending his Golden Years pondering a blind jump into improbable romance.

Ansel Bean, privileged nerd, misanthrope, and hapless underdog, attempts to break out of his dull life in London to delve unwittingly into a whirlwind of flesh and mayhem.

Collect the above, add a sundry of stunning Asian temptresses, barons of industry, and intractable washouts, place in a wok, spice heavily with raw libido, fantasy, greed and compassion, stir over open flame and simmer until the reader is served a feast of erotic adventure, delight, passion, illusion, tragedy and ruin.

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If you would prefer the book in its printed edition you can find it by clicking here - Dream Weaver Printed Edition.

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