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Short Stories

Short Stories

Short Stories eBooks from Thailand


Soi Shanties Vol 1 Soi Shanties Vol 1

11 short stories From 2010 by Les Abbey.

The second volume with 29 new stories is now out - Soi Shanties: Second Helpings.

The Trembling of a Leaf The Trembling of a Leaf

The Trembling of a Leaf, Little Stories of the South Sea Islands by W. Somerset Maugham

The Nirvana Experiments and Other Tales of Asia The Nirvana Experiments and Other Tales of Asia

The Nirvana Experiments and Other Tales of Asia by William Page is a collection of ten new stories set in Thailand, India, China, Nepal, Taiwan and Afghanistan. Although the protagonists come from different backgrounds, most of them are engaged in a common venture: the quest for spiritual certitude.

Soi Shanties Vol 2 - Second Helpings Soi Shanties Vol 2 - Second Helpings

Les Abbey has been a regular contributor of short stories to the Pattaya Trader magazine for last few years. These 29 stories in the second volume of Sea Shanties date from late 2010 through to the beginning of 2013.

Dragon's Fin Soup Dragon's Fin Soup

Dragon's Fin Soup by S.P. Somtow

Dragon's Fin Soup in the tradition of the Marx Brothers.
Eight Rowdy Tales where East and West don't meet - they collide.
Eight Frightening Ruminations where nothing is as it seems, and even the unreal is an illusion.
Eight Delectable Servings that could only have sprung from the fevered mind of S.P.Somtow: the most unique writer of this, or any other, millennium.

The Bangkok Writers The Bangkok Writers

The Bangkok Writers: Tales from the other City of Angels

There is another City of Angels apart from Los Angeles. It is Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Its Thai name, Krung Thep, means City of Angels. For many visitors Bangkok lives up to its name far better than LA. It is with great pleasure that I can introduce some of the best English language writers based in Bangkok over the last thirty years.

Opus 50 Opus 50

Opus 50 by S.P. Somtow

S.P.Somtow has assembled a collection of essays, poems, and fiction - and tells all about his first published poem from 1967, which earned a lengthy shelf life when it was used as the epigraph for a best-selling autobiography by Shirley MacLaine - to his first professional fiction sale in 1977 - to stories that won major awards like the World Fantasy Award. Here, also, are some of his acerbic commentaries from Thai and US magazines, which rarely shied away from controversial subjects.

It is the People It is the People

It is the People: of Thailand and other countries by Pira Sudham

An anthology of Pira Sudham’s short stories previously published in Tales of Thailand and People of Esarn. Pira Sudham writes in English stories reflecting life in the Northeast of Thailand where he was raised. The stories show the harshness of peasant life in last few decades of the Twentieth Century including land loss and the affect of the sex trade.

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