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Thai Culture

Thai Culture

Books about Thai culture


Wondering into Thai Culture Wondering into Thai Culture

New 2012 edition of Wondering into Thai Culture, Thai Whys and Otherwise by Mont Redmond

From Peasant Girls to Bangkok Masseuses From Peasant Girls to Bangkok Masseuses

From Peasant Girls to Bangkok Masseuses by Pasuk Phongpaichit

In the poorer parts of the north and north-east of Thailand, peasant girls are induced to go to Bangkok and become prostitutes earning their living as "masseuses". Their remittances enable their families to meet their basic housing, water and education needs. The author portrays the world of these girls and then traces its relationship with the pattern of rural and national development.

Opus 50 Opus 50

Opus 50 by S.P. Somtow

S.P.Somtow has assembled a collection of essays, poems, and fiction - and tells all about his first published poem from 1967, which earned a lengthy shelf life when it was used as the epigraph for a best-selling autobiography by Shirley MacLaine - to his first professional fiction sale in 1977 - to stories that won major awards like the World Fantasy Award. Here, also, are some of his acerbic commentaries from Thai and US magazines, which rarely shied away from controversial subjects.

From Condoms to Cabbages From Condoms to Cabbages

From Condoms to Cabbages, An Authorized Biography of Mechai Viravaidya by Thomas D'Agnes.

In Thailand, a condom is called a "Mechai". Mechai Viravaidya, Thailand's Condom King, has used this most anatomically suggestive contraceptive device to turn the conventional family planning establishment on its head. First came condom blowing contests, then T-shirts with condom shrouded anthropomorphic penises. Then condom key rings followed by a Cabbages and Condoms restaurant. When it comes to condoms, no one has been more creative than the Condom King...

It is the People It is the People

It is the People: of Thailand and other countries by Pira Sudham

An anthology of Pira Sudham’s short stories previously published in Tales of Thailand and People of Esarn. Pira Sudham writes in English stories reflecting life in the Northeast of Thailand where he was raised. The stories show the harshness of peasant life in last few decades of the Twentieth Century including land loss and the affect of the sex trade.

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