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The Reckoning

The Reckoning

The Reckoning: A Tale of the Vampire of Siam by Jim Newport.

From Paris to Angkor Wat, Ancient Siam to modern-day Bangkok, the vampire seeks the secrets of his past.

Ramonne Delacroix, 175-year-old French vampire once again crosses paths with Martin Larue while retracing the historical journey that he made in 1858 with Henri Mouhot to Indochina. Martin has founded an orphanage in Cambodia outside the gates of Angkor. His 'brood' of a dozen orphans has become everything to him.

When Ramonne encounters Zhoupeng, the thousand-year-old vampire whose bite originally transformed him, a battle between two powerful demons transpires.


The Vampire of Siam

"Grand Guignol entertainment... Good for nibbling on the beach." The Nation.

"Chilling and morbidly hilarious. Newport's intimate knowledge of the Far East makes this an ultra-realistic journey into terror." Pulitzer Prize nominated author Chris Bunch.


"Newport retains, from his first novel, a sharp sense of place for modern Bangkok. This is the trendy Bangkok of the Emporium Suites, the skytrain, the Q Bar, the Bed Supperclub." The Nation.

"Newport artfully adapts the vampire legend into a Mekong cocktail of surprises." Christopher G. Moore.

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